2019 Family 2 Family New Mexico Mission Trip

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We live in a world that is full of rights. Our particular culture is one where we take pride in our rights. As a matter of fact, the rights of individuals are constitutional but as we see the demanding of individual rights increase, we see much of the moral fiber of our society decrease. Our Lord Jesus Christ laid down his rights and all His glory, to the heavens, to become a man and to serve, not to be served. (Phil 2:5-11 and Mark 10:45)

We ask you to consider laying down your rights on this mission trip. Not to lay them down for better or for worse, but to entrust them to the Lord or transfer the responsibility of them to a place of safe keeping. These rights may seem reasonable but on a short-term mission trip they could cause dissension. Would you take time to search your heart and willingness to surrender your rights to the Lord?

I GIVE UP MY RIGHT TO: A comfortable bed Having three meals a day Having familiar food Dressing fashionably Seeing results.

Control of myself Control of others

Control of circumstances

Having pleasant circumstances Making decisions
Taking up offense

Being successful Being understood Being heard

Being right

Romans 12:1

My strength and endurance
My health and strength
My likes and dislikes of food
My security in Him
His purposes and fruit in His timing My need for His Spirit control
His workmanship in others

My circumstances to His purposes in making me Christ-like
The privilege of suffering for His sake

His sovereign hand on my life My deepest needs

My security in His love My reputation
My need for recognition

My need for His righteousness


I give God permission to do anything He wishes to me, with me, in me, or through me that would glorify Him.

Grace Bible Staff will have the Missionary Release of Rights available for signatures at the mandatory meeting on Nov. 17. 


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